Electric Vehicle Benefits


financial benefits

On average, it costs $1,506 per year to fuel a gas-powered vehicle vs. $649 per year to fuel and electric vehicle in Holyoke*. 

Not only do electric vehicles cost less to fuel than gas vehicles, they require much less service than gasoline-powered cars. Unlike gas-powered vehicles which require oil changes, electric motors do not require any maintenance. Also, partly due to regenerative braking, electric vehicle brake pads last much longer than gas-powered counterparts. 


  • Holyoke residential electric rate: $0.16/kWh (as of January 2024)
  • Gas rate: $3.125/gallon (average national gas price on 1/30/2024) (source)
  • MPG: 24.4 (source)
  • Miles per kWh: 2.9 (source)
  • Miles traveled per year (Massachusetts): 11,759 (June 2020)
  • Annual cost for gasoline vehicle: (11,759/24.4 )*$3.125 = $1,506
  • Annual cost for electric vehicle: (11,759/2.9)*$0.16=$649

Environmental Benefits

 In 2021, greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation industry accounted for 28% of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, making it the largest contributor of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions (source). Driving an EV not only helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, but it also improves our local air quality. Driving an EV reduces the amount of harmful pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and ground level ozone released into the environment. Based Massachusetts state averages, electric vehicles produce 80% less emissions than gasoline-powered vehicles (source). Because much of the electricity here in Holyoke comes from renewable and carbon-free sources, this number is even higher. 



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