Electric Vehicle Charging Basics


There are three different types of electric vehicle chargers available: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.  They are all capable of charging vehicles at different speeds, and have different installation requirements. It is important to remember that even though a charger may be able to output a certain amount of electricity, your vehicle will be limited by the vehicle's maximum on-board charging speed. This Chargehub webpage lists a variety of different EVs and PHEVs along with their maximum on-board charging speeds as well as the battery size. 





Level 1 (Slow Charging)

Level 2 (Fast Charging)

Level 3 (DC Fast Charging)

Operating Voltage

 110V or 120V

220V or 240V 


outlet Type

NEMA 5-15 (standard home recepticle)


NEMA 6-50    NEMA 14-50    Hardwired


Direct utility connection


Connector Type

Standard (J1772)  Tesla
plug3.png plug4.png


Standard (J1772)  Tesla
plug3.png plug4.png


CCS CHAdeMO  Tesla
plug5.png   plug6.png  plug4.png


Power Output

1-2 kW PHEV: 3-6 kW
BEV: 6-19 kW
BEV: 50-400 kW

Charging Rate

2-5 miles per hour 10-75 miles per hour
75-1,200 miles per hour

Charging Time

PHEV: 5-6+ hours1
BEV: 40-50+ hours2
PHEV: 1-2+ hours1
BEV: 4-10+ hours2
BEV: 20 minutes-1 hour+3


Residential Residential & Commercial (home, workplace, public, etc.)
Commercial (public, highways, etc.)

Charger Costs

Typicall included with vehicle purchase Residential: $500+
Commercial: $1,500+

Installation Costs

N/A Residential: $500-$1,000+
Commercial: Varies by location. May require major construction and significant electrical equipment upgrades
Varies by location. Typically requires major construction and significant electrical equipment upgrades.

1Depends on PHEV battery size and charging speed
2Depends on EV battery size and charging speed
3To 80%



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