Commercial EV Charging

  Level 2 and Level 3 chargers are the two types of chargers used in commercial applications. HG&E can work with you to provide technical assistance in installing these different types of chargers. There are various rebates and incentives available to assist with installation and equipment costs. Additionally, Mass Fleet Advisor provides free assistance to help pivate and commercial vehicle fleets prepare for electrification. 

Planning a Project?

HG&E can provide assistance with engineering and recommendations for specific projects. 

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installing electric service

Contractors that would like to install electric service for EV chargers should review our for contractors that want to install electric service should review the Information & Requirements For Electric Service Below 600 Volts.


metering requirements

HG&E requires that all Level 3 charging stations, all isolated Level 2 EV charging stations, and all Level 2 charging stations with a combined rating at a single service location greater than 50 kW be seperately metered. See page 27 of our Rules and Regulations for details. 


HG&E's Commercial and Industrial Electric Vehicle Rate

HG&E has a unique electric rate for commercial and industrial customers' EV charging stations. Please see our Commercial and Industrial Electric Rates page for more information.