Bill Overview

Example BillGFEDCBA
Example BillH
  • A. In the top right corner of your bill, please find your payment due date, and the prompt payment discount deadline.
  • B. This section lists account information, including: account number, service address, bill date, and discount date.
  • C. In this section, you will see your energy consumption broken down by service within the given billing period (E=Electric, G=Gas).
  • D. In this section, please find your summary of usage and rate calculations.
  • E. In this section, please find any additional charges, for example: service charge, loan payment, or telecommunications monthly charge.
  • F. In this section, please find your usage in comparison to the previous month and the previous year.
  • G. In this section, please find your total account balance, including current charges and past due balance.
  • H. The back of the bill features important bill information, including payment options, terms of use, and contact information.

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