Natural Gas Safety

Holyoke Gas & Electric (HG&E) delivers natural gas to approximately 11,000 customers throughout Holyoke and portions of Southampton. Your safety is important to us, so please review HG&E's general gas safety tips and review the annual customer letter (Spanish & English) outlining safety information. 

Gas Leak Safety

If you smell gas, report it immediately by calling HG&E at (413) 536-9300. 

  • Do not turn on or off any lights, electronics, appliances, etc.
  • Do not use the telephone or your cell phone in your home
  • Be sure to put out any cigarettes or open flames
  • If inside, get outside immediately.  If outside, distance yourself away from the scent of gas and call HG&E from a cell phone or a neighbor’s home.

Gas Meter Safety

It is important for the safety of our meter readers and technicians, as well as for the operation of your gas meter, that the area around your meter is kept free of overgrown brush and obstacles.

Here are a few guidelines that will keep your meter easily accessible and safe:

  • During the winter, keep your meter free of snow and ice. An icy build-up caused by water leaking from an eavestrough, freezing rain or melting piled snow could damage its fittings and pipes causing leaks. A gas meter covered in snow or ice can also impede its function of controlling the gas pressure, which could lead to serious risks.
  • Use a broom or brush to remove snow, do not try to scrape your meter with a sharp instrument or kick it to break off ice.  And be careful not to bump your meter with a snow blower.
  • Do not tie your pets to your meter or gas piping; it could break and become a safety hazard. Also, please ensure your pets are not running loose or blocking access to your meter; even the friendliest pet may bite if it regards the meter reader as a stranger.
  • Do not hang things from or lean things on your meter or gas piping.
  • Building permanent structures such as decks, porches, or walls around the meter set can create emergency access problems.
  • If you anticipate a problem providing access during a certain period (for example, because of home renovations or repairs), please contact HG&E to make a suitable alternative arrangement.

Northeast Gas Association Videos

Dig Safe (English)

Dig Safe (Spanish)

Leak Detection (English)

Leak Detection (Spanish)

Right of Way (English)

Right of Way (Spanish)

Latest News

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    For 120 years, HG&E has been providing customers with reliable and affordable utility services. As we prepare and plan for the future of the local distribution system, we anticipate customers will adopt additional electric technologies and equipment, like Air Source Heat Pumps, Electric Vehicles, Electric Water Heaters, and other smart devices. In order to manage the rising electric demand, HG&E is working to modernize distribution infrastructure so customers have the ability to add technologies to homes and businesses with the same level of reliability they have today.

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    The U.S. Postal Service recently announced mail delivery delays. For your convenience, monthly statements can easily be delivered via email, with no interruption! Sign up today by creating an online account and selecting the e-bill option. Choose the environmentally friendly paperless option and skip the mail entirely, or choose to get an email in addition to traditional mail. Email is the best way to guarantee you get your bill in a timely manner.

  • January Outage Update

    Outage Update: Power was restored to all customers this morning at 10:23 am, our team appreciates your patience and understanding throughout this unexpected event. We want to take a moment to distinguish this event from an outage that took place on January 8.

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