Electric Vehicles - Incentives and Education

Electric Vehicle Charging Basics

Learn about the differences between the various electric vehicle charger types to help you decide which charger type works best for you and your lifestyle. 

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rebates and incentives

  • Residential Vehicles: Click here for residential rebates and incentives
  • Commercial Vehicles: Click here for commercial rebates and incentives

installation guide

  • Residential Charging Stations: Click here for information on installing residential EV chargers
  • Commercial Charging Stations: Click here for information on installing commercial EV chargers


Electric vehicles are not only better for the environment but they will also save you money on fuel costs, especially here in Holyoke. 

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local dealerships

Consider keeping your money in the local economy by purchasing your EV from a dealership right here in Holyoke!


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charging stations in holyoke

See what's available for charging stations in Holyoke!

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Get the answers to some commonly asked questions on our FAQs page!


Contact for support

Find out who to contact for additional assistance. 



Contact: efficiency@hged.com