Frequently Asked Questions

Since 1998, HG&E has provided Internet and private data services to local companies.

HG&E will contact you within minutes to determine the cause of the issue and the appropriate course of action. HG&E strives to complete repairs on the same business day.

HG&E is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We support you and your business with a team of local, qualified and competent professionals. All support problems should call (888) 513-3090.

Yes. HG&E has helped many school districts implement Voice Services along with Ethernet Networking and Internet solutions that qualify for the E-Rate program.

This is a state of the art local network technology offering scalable and reliable delivery of telecommunication services. A MetroE network is a metropolitan area network (MAN) that is based on Ethernet.

MetroE is commonly used to connect subscribers to a larger service network or the Internet. Businesses use MetroE to connect offices together in a private network, similar to a VPN.

HG&E deployed its network to MetroE service in 2005.

For specific pricing and installation details, please contact sales at (413) 536-9444.

HG&E is proud to offer and extensive fiber optic network throughout Holyoke, Springfield, Chicopee, and the greater Pioneer Valley.

Yes! Contact HG&E Telecom sales or technical support to find out how to access the statistics.

No, not at this time. HG&E Telecom will provide your IT professional with documents listing the required router settings.

The first time some of your charges are billed, they are pro-rated on a daily basis from the date your service started until the date you were billed, resulting in slightly different end results. After the first billing, the charge will return to the normal fixed amount.

Yes, just contact your sales representative at (413) 536-9444.

Yes, just visit HG&E's our payment page to find links to bill information. 

Yes. Fiber optic is a dedicated bandwidth network offering higher speeds and greater bandwidth even at greater distances. Also, fiber optic is not affected by electromagnetic interference.

Contact us with your specific request.

Yes. We support LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP).

Open your Internet browser and type in www."your domain name"/cpanel i.e.: www.yourdomainname/cpanel

Try power cycling your equipment (power on / off). If Internet access does not come back, please call (888) 513-3090 and report the issue to our Support Team.

Yes, any device that has a network card or has the ability to connect to the Internet, can connect and utilize HG&E's network.

  • Dedicated Network: We only offer dedicated fiber connections to your building meaning that the upload and download speeds are the same.
  • Local Support: We offer local customer service with extremely fast response time for installation and service visits.
  • Competitive Pricing: Our pricing when comparing fiber to your location is very competitive and often times less than our competition.

If needed, we can increase bandwidth for both Internet & Data the same day you request it.

HG&E currently serves businesses and a few residential pilot projects. Additional options for residential services are constantly being evaluated, but are not currently available. Learn more and express your interest by exploring HG&E's Fiber-to-the-Home information. 

The main advantages are the nearly limitless capacity to deliver and receive your Business’s requirements now and in the future.

Yes, HG&E’s fiber network can deliver a full range of advanced Phone services, from Business VOIP lines and SIP trunks, to Hosted Phone services.

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