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Virtual Energy Audit

April 24, 2020:

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in compliance with related federal, state, and local guidelines, HG&E has suspended all in-person home energy audits and is now offering customers the opportunity to participate in a free virtual audit. This new service is being offered in partnership with MMWEC’s Home Energy Loss Prevention Services (HELPS) program. Home energy audits are a great way for homeowners to learn about their energy use and find ways to save money by reducing their energy consumption. 

How it works
After an HG&E customer requests a home energy audit, an auditor will reach out to determine if the customer is eligible for a virtual audit. Eligibility will be determined by a series of screening questions, related to the following:

  • Interest in virtual audit
  • Access to technology
  • Comfort with digital applications
  • Ability to navigate specific areas in the home

If a customer completes the screening questions and is interested in moving forward, the auditor will set up a convenient time and accessible digital medium, in order to capture the necessary information about the home. Following the audit, customers will receive a detailed report outlining potential energy saving opportunities.

If a customer is not interested in, or eligible for, the virtual audit, they will still be able to schedule an in-person audit when COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted and traditional audits resume.

Audit Requirement for Assistance and Rebate Programs
As part of HG&E’s Residential Energy Conservation Program, as well as the rebate program, an audit may be required. For customers who are not capable of, or opt not to receive a virtual energy audit, HG&E will ask that they simply state their reason when submitting a completed application. HG&E will follow up with these customers to obtain sufficient information regarding the equipment installation and/or conservation measures taken, which will allow the audit requirement to be waived.

To schedule a free virtual energy audit, please call the HELPS program hotline at (888) 333-7525. If you have any questions, please contact HG&E customer service at (413) 536-9300 or email at


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