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Residential Energy Conservation Program - Terms and Conditions

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Borrower Eligibility

1. The HG&E Residential Energy Conservation Program (RECP) is available to residential customers for owner-occupied properties with 4 units or less and to Holyoke residents who own non-owner occupied residential investment properties with 4 units or less. 

2. Applicants must receive approval from HG&E of this application in order to be eligible. Assistance is not granted to tenants renting or leasing the property. It is recommended that customers apply for the RECP prior to starting project to verify eligibility.

3. Applicant's accounts must be in good standing with HG&E, (6- 12 month history of satisfactory payments) and there shall be no Municipal tax liens on the property. For homeowners with no prior HG&E billing history, Applicant may submit a letter of credit from their previous utility provider.

4. Applicant’s building must receive gas or electric service from HG&E. In the case of heating, water heating and cooling equipment installations, the building in question must purchase the required fuel from HG&E.

Term & Level of Assistance

1. The maximum repayment term for the assistance is 36 months for projects up to $2,000, 60 months for projects between $2,001 and $20,000, and 120 months for Solar PV $10,000.

2. All assistance requests which exceed $10,000 must be approved by the HG&E Commission at a scheduled monthly meeting.

3. The maximum assistance for a project is as follows:
• Properties with 1 unit: $10,000
• Properties with 2 units: $15,000
• Properties with 3-4 units: $20,000
• Solar - Photovoltaic (PV) $10,000 per residential dwelling
-In order to receive the maximum level of assistance for properties with multiple units, the eligible equipment must serve all units of the property.
-Customers may receive assistance for multiple qualifying measures as long as the entire amount of assistance does not exceed the aggregate limits defined above.
-A multi-family property for purposes of this program is considered a property with 4 or fewer apartment units.

4. Applicants who previously took advantage of the Residential Energy Conservation Program (RECP) are eligible under the following conditions:
 a. If the previous RECP balance is completely paid off, then the assistance levels listed above shall apply.
 b. If there is an outstanding balance on the previous RECP assistance, the new assistance will be limited to the levels listed above minus the current balance.
 c. The assistance limits defined above per property type shall be the maximum level of assistance offered to a single customer at any time.

5. Any new assistance will be billed as a separate line item on the Applicant's HG&E bill.

General Conditions

1. Assistance is granted at 0% interest.

2. Applicants are required to pay a $100 dollar administrative fee to participate in the program. This fee will appear on the same HG&E bill as the first Assistance Program re-payment.

3. HG&E will bill Assistance payments on the existing HG&E customer bill, and the HG&E prompt payment discount does not apply to Assistance repayment.

4. HG&E will only grant assistance for products installed within 90 days of signing HG&E agreement. All work must be completed within 12 months of application.

5. The Applicant must sign an agreement that allows for a municipal lien to be placed on the property where the work is being performed.

6. Program benefits do not apply to new home or building construction, including gut-rehabs. (Note: PV, electric vehicle charging station infrastructure, air source heat pumps and electric hot water heaters exempt from exclusion).

7. The total amount of assistance granted to customers in any year may be limited by HG&E.

8. Applicant must provide evidence of equipment installation including a dated receipt/invoice, a completed post-installation form specifying prior and new equipment, and documentation from the installer that confirms the equipment being installed meets the energy efficiency requirements of this program. If multiple services are being performed at the same time or multiple systems are being installed, the installation quote must be itemized by system or service.

9. Energy Audits are required for select projects. Free residential energy audits are available through MuniHELPS by calling (888) 333--7525. Please note, HG&E reserves the right to waive the energy audit requirement at its discretion.

10. Assistance for Solar-PV is only granted to customers who provide documentation that they shall own such system.

11. In the case of a natural gas moratorium, HG&E cannot accommodate conversions to natural gas from alternate fuel sources. For gas related projects, any gas service work determined to be required by HG&E must be performed by customer before assistance is received.

12. HG&E reserves the right to change, suspend, or modify the terms of this program at any time.

13. Customers must install the system/equipment/service that is listed on quote that is submitted with application. Any changes to system design from the quote submittal must be approved by HG&E in order to receive assistance.

Installation Information

1. HG&E is not responsible for the repair or service of any equipment installed under this program.

2. The Applicant is responsible for obtaining pricing, selecting a contractor, coordinating contractor scheduling and making payments to the contractor.

3. In most cases, the contractor will obtain the required City or County permits for the applicant. However, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the City or County inspection conditions are met. Payments will not be paid for installations made by installers who do not possess the required licenses or permits for the installation.

4. At HG&E's option, the completed installation may be inspected by HG&E personnel or its representative to ensure compliance with the terms of this program.


1. Payment will be processed once Applicant submits a signed contract and all other documentation and approvals required. A check will be mailed to Applicant in approximately 3 weeks of the receipt of all required documents.

2. Progress payments will not be made

Additional requirements are based on the specific type of equipment installed or service performed.  Please click here to review eligibility requirements per project type. 

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