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Residential Energy Conservation Program - Step by Step

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Step 1: Review the Terms and Eligibility Requirements

In order to get started, please review the terms and conditions of the Residential Energy Conservation Program carefully to ensure your project will remain in compliance with the program requirements. 

Step 2: Free Energy Audit

Many of the projects eligible for assistance through this program require that you receive a home energy audit, which is a free service that HG&E provides to customers. Please review the efficiency requirements to see if your project requires an energy audit. You can call our partner MuniHELPS at 1-888-333-7525 to schedule an audit. Please click here to learn more about the energy audit service. 

Step 3: Receive a Quote from a Licensed Contractor 

You will need to submit this with your application. If you are installing multiple systems or if multiple types of services are being performed, the quote must be itemized by system or service. The quote (or other documentation from your installer) must include the manufacturer and model number (if applicable) so we can confirm that the equipment being installed or services being performed meet the efficiency requirements of this program. Please provide your installer with the equipment-specific eligibility requirements located in the chart on the program webpage before they create aproposal for you so that they know what requirements the system(s)/project(s) need to meet in order to qualify. Before applying, please ensure that your installer possesses the required licenses and/or permits for the installation (Payments will not be paid for projects installed by contractors who do not possess the required licenses or permits). 

Step 4: Obtain the Deed to Your Property

You will need to submit this with your application. Holyoke residents can locate the property deed by going to the search database on Here is a link to the database. From this page, enter your street number and the street name. Under 'Doc type', select 'deed'. It it often easier to search for a specific address if only the first name of the street is included (For example, enter "34 State" instead of "34 State Street"). 

Step 5: Complete the Online Application  (Click here for a printable application)

Please be prepared to submit digital copies of the following documents:
     • Quote from your contractor 
     • Deed to your property
     • Gas related projects: Please note that for gas related projects, you will need to submit the input capacity (Btu/h) of your new gas system, and the input capacity of the system(s) being replaced. Your installer should be able to help provide you with this information.

Step 5: Secure the Assistance & Return Signed Contract

HG&E will review your application within approximately three business days and will contact you if any additional information is needed. If your application is approved, HG&E will mail you a contract to sign and return, and will email you a post-installation form to pass along to your installer. If you are eligible for any HG&E rebates for the work being perfomed, the rebate amount will be subtracted from the total quote when determining the amount of assistance that can be provided. You do not need to submit a seperate rebate application for your project. Please note that for multi-family homes, assistance requests greater than $10,000 take approximately 4 weeks to review.

Step 6: Provide Post-Installation Form to Installer and Complete the Improvement(s)

Please provide your installer with the post-installation form before the service is complete to ensure all necessary information is obtained. We need this form back from the installer before payment is sent to confirm that eligible systems were installed, or eligible services were performed. 

Step 7: Receive Payment

HG&E will mail you a check approximately three weeks after we receive both the signed contract from you, and the completed post-installation form from your installer. Since it takes at least 3 weeks for customers to receive payment after the work is performed, it is recommended that you review the payment terms with your chosen installer, including the payment due date for the work they performed.  If you requested to receive any rebate in the form of a check, the check will be sent at the same time as the assistance payment. 


Email or contact us at (413) 536-9300.

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