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Residential Energy Audits

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HG&E offers free residential energy audits that can show homeowners how to lower their energy bills.  An energy audit involves a professional energy advisor coming to your home and identifying ways that you can save on your monthly bill.  The energy advisor will answer your questions about insulation, heating equipment and appliances and help you determine areas for improvement.  Energy efficient measures recommended through an energy audit can save the average homeowner hundreds of dollars per year in heating and cooling costs.

To arrange for a home energy audit at no cost to you contact our energy services partner, Muni HELPS, directly at their toll-free number: (888) 333-7525.

Even before you schedule an audit, when you call MuniHelps, you will be able to discuss ways to reduce your energy consumption.  To learn about other ways you can decrease your energy use, check out our Energy Conservation Tips page, or view our Energy Saving Tip of the Week.

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