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Weatherization Rebates

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HG&E's 2021 rebates for qualifying weatherization projects are listed below along with the specific eligibility requirements for each improvement type. Please also refer to the additional requirements below which apply to all weatherization rebates. Contact us if you have any questions or would like assistance! 

Measure 2021 Rebate Amount Measure-Specific Requirements Application


(Insulation, Air Sealing and Duct Sealing)

50% of Cost up to $2,000*

Post Installation form required to be completed by installer and submitted with application.

Air Sealing and Duct Sealing:
• Work must be performed by a licensed contractor. Home energy audit recommended.

• Customer must have received home energy audit within past 3 years and before new insulation is installed.
Recommended Final R-Values:
• Attic Insulation: R49 (Should be between R49-R60)
• Wall Insulation: R18-R20
• Floor Insulation: R30
• Basement Insulation: R15-R19
• Heating and Hot Water Pipe Insulation: R3

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Blower Door Tests

50% of Cost up to $500 Post Installation form required to be completed by installer and submitted with application. 
• Work must be performed by a licensed contractor
Home energy audit recommended

*Note: If customer is self-installing insulation, only the cost of the material will be covered (at 50% up to $2,000). If the insulation is installed by a licensed contractor, HG&E will provide 50% of the cost of installation and materials up to $2,000). 

Additional Incentives: 

Additional Requirements for Weatherization Rebates:
• Customer must have active gas or electric account with HG&E. The address where the work has been performed must be a residential building and must have an active electric account or use natural gas supplied by HG&E for space heating. (Landlords are eligible as long as work is performed within a residential building that has 4 units or less).
• One weatherization rebate available for any home (including multifamily home with a single owner) per year (i.e. per each 12-month period).
• A copy of the invoice must be submitted. (This can be submitted via the installer post-installation form). Address and name listed on invoice must match HG&E customer account, if applicable. Invoice must be billed to the HG&E customer who is applying for the rebate. 
• Please note: New construction and gut-rehabs are not eligible for weatherization rebates.
• Qualified services must be completed within the given program year and applications must be submitted by May 31st of the following year. 
• Payment will only be issued to the primary account holder/holders listed on the HG&E account for the application being submitted. If customer has outstanding balance on HG&E account, any rebate over $100 will be applied to outstanding balance, and any remaining amount will be applied as an on-bill credit.
• HG&E reserves the right to modify or end these rebates at any time.

Questions? Email or call us at (413) 536-9300.


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