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Cool Homes - Electric Heating & Cooling Rebate

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Make your home more comfortable and efficient, year round! HG&E's Cool Homes is a high efficiency air conditioning and heat pump rebate program. Apply for your rebate online by selecting the cool homes tab or download the application for a mail-in rebate.  Supporting information, listed below, is required in order to receive a rebate for qualifying products. HG&E's Cool Homes Rebate applies to devices installed on or after September 12, 2019 and include the following:

Cool Homes Rebate





Central AC > 16 > 13 NA $250
Air Source Heat Pump (Ducted) > 16 > 12 > 8.5 $250
Air Source Heat Pump (Ducted) > 18 NA > 9.6 $500
Single-Zone Ductless
Mini-Split Heat Pump**
> 18 NA > 9.0 $250
Multi-Zone Ductless
Mini-Split Heat Pump**
> 18 NA > 9.0 $500
**Max $500 limit per customer, per year
SEER = Seasonal Energy 
Efficiency Ratio
EER = Energy Efficiency Ratio
HSPF = Heating Season Performance Factor

In order to qualify for a rebate you must:

  1. Purchase and install an ENERGY STAR® qualifying product at a property with an active electric account with one of the participating energy efficiency providers.
  2. Obtain your contractor’s invoice with equipment make, coil and condenser model numbers, size in tons, date and location of installation and total installation cost.
  3. Submit the following with your application:
    1. Contractor’s invoice showing required information and proof of purchase.
    2. Copy of load (sizing) calculation “ACCA approved version 8 Manual J” (REQUIRED to qualify for rebate, NOTE: load calculations not needed for ductless mini-split systems.)
    3. Proof TXV or EXV valve installed (REQUIRED to qualify for rebate)
    4. A copy of the AHRI Certificate (visit www.ahridirectory.orgor contact your Heating and Air Conditioning Contractor to obtain a copy).

Please note: System sizing and proper installation are critical to energy efficiency and home comfort. Prior to installation, your installer must perform a load (sizing) calculation that is “ACCA approved version 8 Manual J”.

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