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Commercial Energy Conservation Program

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0% Interest Assistance for Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Projects  

HG&E’s Commercial Energy Conservation Program provides businesses with the capital they need to make energy-saving improvements. This program provides assistance at 0% interest for the implementation of approved energy efficiency and renewable energy projects including, but not limited to, high efficiency systems.  

Multi-family Assistance: Multi-family assistance is capped at $20,000 ($2,500 limit per unit). Please note that if you are applying for assistance for a non-owner occupied multi-family property, you must be a Holyoke resident. 

Commercial Assistance: Commercial assistance is granted based on the potential energy savings of the proposed improvement. Requests greater than $5,000 require approval by HG&E's Board of Commissioners. 

Assistance is repayable over 36 months for projects up to $2,000, 60 months for projects $2,001 or more, and 120 months for Solar PV projects. These monthly payments are conveniently included on your utility bill. Please note that a one-time processing fee of $100 and other restrictions apply. Eligibility for this program includes having an HG&E account with 12 months of clear history and city taxes must be current.

Eligible Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects:


Equipment Type Requirements
Central Air Conditioning SEER 14.5 or greater
Gas Fired Warm Air Furnace AFUE Rating >95%
Gas Fired Steam Boilers AFUE Rating >82%
Gas Fired Hot Water Boilers AFUE Rating >90%
Mini-split/Ducted Air Source Heat Pumps SEER > 16
Mini-Split/Ductless Heat Pump SEER > 18
Programmable and/or Wi-Fi Thermostat  


Equipment Type Requirements
Electric Hot Water Heaters Energy Factor of 2.0 or higher
Gas Storage Water Heaters Energy Factor of 0.67 or higher
Indirect Water Heater Attached to a Gas Fired Boiler
Solar Hot Water Heater SEF > 1.8 for electric back-up
SEF > 1.2 for gas back-up


Item Requirements
Attic insulation Final R-value shall not exceed R60 (should be between R49-R60, no lower than R38)
Wall insulation Final R-value shall not exceed R15 (must be between R13-R15)
Floor insulation Final R-value shall not exceed R30 (must be between R25-R30)
Basement insulation Below grade wall should not exceed R25 (must be between R20-R25)
Heating & Hot Water Piping Insulation
Rim Joist Insulation
Replacement Windows Energy Star Rated and U- Factor of .30 or less
Replacement Doors Current Energy Star Rated, U-Factors Levels.


Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Up to $10,000  -  Note that solar financial assistance is available in addition to assistance for energy efficient home improvements, but maximum outstanding assistance granted to a customer is capped at a total of $10,000.
EV Charging Infrastructure Costs covered: Service upgrades, equipment costs and installation costs
  • Commercial Energy Audits
  • High Efficiency Lighting
  • High Efficiency Manufacturing Equipment (Motors, Compressors, etc)
  • Variable Speed Motors
  • Additional Building Shell Improvements

How to Apply:
Get started by reviewing these step-by-step application instructions.

Questions? If you have questions about the Commercial Energy Conservation Program, please contact Michael Curtin, Technical Support Engineer. (Email: Phone: (413) 536-9319)

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