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Commercial Energy Conservation Program - Step by Step

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Step 1: Review Terms and Eligibility Requirements

In order to get started, please review the requirements of the Commercial Energy Conservation Program carefully to ensure the project meets the specified terms. 

Step 2: Consider a Commercial Energy Audit

Consider receiving an energy audit before implementing energy improvement projects. This is a great way to help prioritize the most impactful projects and uncover additional energy-saving opportunities. You may apply to have the cost of the audit covered through this program. 

Step 3: Receive an Installation Quote from a Contractor

You will need to submit this with your application. The quote (or other documentation from your installer) must list the efficiency rating of the system being installed to ensure it meets the requirements of the program. For example: if you are submitting an application for approval of a central air conditioning system or mini-split system, documentation from the installer must list the exact SEER rating of the proposed system. If you are installing multiple systems at the same time, the installation quote must be itemized by system or service.

Step 4: Complete the Online Application

Please be prepared to submit digital copies of the following documents:

  • Deed to your property
  • Installation quote

*Please note that for any natural gas related requests, you will be required to provide the input capacity of both the current and proposed system(s). Your installer should be able to help provide this information.

Step 5: Secure the Assistance

HG&E will review your application after all necessary information has been submitted. If the requested amount of assistance is under $5,000, HG&E will contact you within approximately 5 business days. For requests exceeding $5,000, applications need to be approved by HG&E's Commission. Once an application has been approved by all necessary parties, HG&E will produce a contract which will be mailed to the applicant for signature.

Step 6: Complete the Improvement(s) & Installer Post-Installation Form

Your installer will need to complete a post-installation form which will need to be submitted to HG&E before payment is sent to you. Please provide your installer with this form before the service is complete to ensure all necessary information is obtained.

Step 7: Receive Payment

A check will be mailed to you approximately three weeks after HG&E receives both the signed assistance contract and post-installation form.

Questions? Please feel free to reach out to us at or (413) 536-9300 with any questions. 

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