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Energy Efficiency

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Every megawatt of electricity that you do not use eliminates the need for a dirty, carbon-intensive coal fired plant – or other expensive generation facility – to generate that megawatt.  Therefore, by limiting energy use through efficient measures and practices, it is possible to displace some of the need for the dirtiest and most expensive electrical facilities, thus keeping electrical rates and carbon emissions low.  HG&E likes to refer to this phenomenon as the “Negawatt”, and has been working hard to increase “Negawatts” in Holyoke. 

By implementing energy efficient measures and practices, you can also help HG&E reduce megawatts, and increase “Negawatts”!  Check out our Energy Efficiency Tips and learn how to reduce your energy use.  An residential or commercial energy audit can shed additional light on potential energy saving measures.  HG&E even has residential and commercial financial assistance programs to help you along the way!

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