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Holyoke Gas & Electric is consistently making improvements to the current utility infrastructure and, as the city grows, building new services. In an effort to make the community aware of HG&E's construction activities, we will post updates below:  

HG&E employees take great pride in their work. Be assured that we will not only work as efficiently as possible, but take into consideration the quality, safety, and service reliability of the work we perform. 

Construction questions for HG&E Gas Division: Bill Sullivan, (413) 322-1523
Construction questions for HG&E Electric Division: Carl Peterson, (413) 536-9398

Project Descriptions

Construction Times

HG&E construction and contractor crews generally work between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.  There are a number of factors that may influence construction dates and hours specified, including utility emergencies and weather. Please be patient. HG&E employees take great pride in their work. Be assured that we will not only work as efficiently as possible, but take into consideration the quality, safety and service reliability of the work we perform.

Gas Main & Electric Conduit Construction

A natural gas main is a large pipe buried underneath the road. These mains carry natural gas throughout the city to wherever service is available. In contrast, a gas service line is a smaller pipe that connects from the gas main in the street to your property.

An electric conduit describes any piping system designed to direct electrical wiring and protect it from harsh contact, moisture and chemicals. Any replacement or installation of high or low voltage cables through conduit usually can be performed easier, more reliable, and at a lower cost in the future than placing directly into the ground.

Periodic replacement of these mains, cables, and service lines ensure the safety and reliability of HG&E's natural gas and electric distribution system. Natural gas main and electric conduit construction and replacement requires the excavation of roads and the installation of new pipe. This means that during construction, one lane of a road that is affected by construction will be closed. Drivers may experience delays in the areas where we are working. Please plan accordingly and note that weather may affect the schedule.

Gas & Electric Service Disruptions

HG&E has to interrupt your natural gas service when the gas service line to your home is being replaced. Usually, this type of interruption lasts 4-6 hours. At your convenience, HG&E personnel will relight all your gas appliances, once a new line is installed and connected to your meter. Electric interruptions for various upgrades and service changes will vary and at least 2 days’ notice will be provided as required and when possible.

Lawn/Sidewalk Excavation

When HG&E is replacing your property's gas and/or electric service line there may be some disruption to your lawn or sidewalk. As the work is completed, the City sidewalk will be repaired and the City and/or your lawn reseeded.

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