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HG&E’s goal is to expand carbon-free content while maintaining some of the lowest electric rates in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  This successful balance is reflected in the fact that HG&E’s carbon footprint significantly less than that of the average utility in New England. HG&E’s carbon footprint is approximately 151 lbs of carbon dioxide per MWh – with the average utility in New England emitting 735 lbs of carbon dioxide per MWh. 

This low carbon footprint stems from the high penetration of renewable and nuclear sources of generation in HG&E’s system. HG&E's generation from local hydropower is enough to serve roughly 65% of Holyoke's total electrical load. 

HG&E's hosts 16 utility-scale solar facilities within Holyoke which provide sufficient electricity to meet about 6% of Holyoke's total electrical load and up to 20% of Holyoke's peak demand during the summer months. 

In addition to local generation, HG&E receives wind energy from Hancock Wind project and nuclear energy from Millstone 3 and Seabrook.

Renewable Energy Certificate (REC)

Renewable Energy Certificates are tradable, non-tangible energy commodities. For every 1 MWh of energy generated there is one REC created in order to track the renewable attributes of the energy.

HG&E retains the locally generated energy and has the option to sell associated RECs from its generating facilities. Through retaining some RECs and selling others, HG&E blends both environmental and energy-related issues, in order to stabilize electric rates for our customers, while helping the Commonwealth and New England achieve renewable and clean energy goals.  

Explore the links below to learn more about HG&E’s renewable energy facilities, and the steps that we are taking to expand our portfolio of renewable and carbon free generation.

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