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HG&E Green Initiatives

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Electricity is a vital part of the way that we live our lives.  However, some of the conventional ways of generating that electricity, such as coal combustion, are not so friendly to the environment because they result in the emission of carbon dioxide and other pollutants.

HG&E offers customers reliable electrical service at some of the lowest rates rates in New England, while protecting the environment that we live in.  HG&E is expanding carbon-free sources of electric generation in environmentally sensitive ways, and promoting the reduction of energy use through its energy efficiency programs


Renewable Energy

HG&E’s existing renewable energy facilities in Holyoke include 16 utility-scale solar facilities, and several hydro facilities at various locations along the Holyoke Dam and Canal System.  The current installed capacity is approximately 65 Megawatts (MW).  For reference, the average load in Holyoke is approximately 45 MW and during the summer it peaks around 75 MW.  HG&E is constantly looking for ways to grow its clean energy content and also has programs in place to support our customers who install renewable energy systems.  Explore the links below to learn more about HG&E’s Renewable Energy Initiatives:

Environmental Stewardship

HG&E is committed not only to expanding and diversifying its renewable energy portfolio, but also to doing so in an environmentally sensitive way.  We take care to site projects in the least impactful way possible and we have developed provisions at our hydro facilities to ensure that the Connecticut River habitat in the vicinity of the Holyoke Dam remains healthy.

Energy Conservation

Although HG&E is trying to expand its carbon-free sources of generation in order to meet demand, it is often times cheaper and easier to just use less electricity.  As such, we offer various energy efficiency financial assistance and incentive programs for our customers.  We are also taking steps to help reduce municipal energy consumption in the City as part of Holyoke’s obligation as a Green Community.  Explore the links below to learn more:

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